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Compressed Towel Making Machine

The QX-E towel making machine is a non-standard non-woven piece of equipment designed to make both compressed towels and towel tablets. This disposable towel machine can compress non-woven sheets into block shaped, or granular towels. The resulting compressed towels are small, exquisite and easy to carry. When immersed in water for ten minutes, they will expand to their original shape.

Using this compressed towel making machine, different shapes can be made, including round, heart, ovals, and square. They can also be used for facial make-up, wine bottle shaped and more. Have your own shape in mind? Customized shapes can also be made upon customer requests.

Model: QX-E
Auxiliary machine: 60t hydraulic system
Control system: Variable frequency control
Power: Electric motor
Speed: 30-60pcs/minute
Compressed air: Provide for yourself
Power supply: 380V, 50HZ, 7.5Kw
Weight: about 1500kg

1. The compressed towel making machine is equipped with a 60t hydraulic system and comes with both automatic and manual start up functions.
2. Compression time and mold design time can be preset.
3. The non-woven compression machine is designed with an automatic positioning device. Key parts are made using linear cutting technology, ensuring the high precision and product quality.
4. An automatic product ejector is also available.
5. Thank to different special materials, the compressed towel making machine features a steady structure.
6. The electrical components are safely wired, and the machine is attractive, featuring an easy operation and is safe to use.

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